Workshops und Fortbildung

Zusätzlich zu den wöchentlich stattfindenden Kursen werden regelmäßig Workshops angeboten. Außerdem bietet SEAD verschiedenste Möglichkeiten der Fortbildung und Trainerausbildung - von Yoga bis Pilates.



Moving Words:

an integrated approach to writing and dancing with Ann Cooper Albright

Saturday, 30.5.2015, 11.00h – 14.00h, 35,00 EUR

Ann Cooper Albright, famous for her publications on dance theory as well as for her teaching at Oberlin College will come to Salzburg in June in order to teach at SEAD as a guest lecturer as well as at the University of Salzburg. Moreover, Ann Cooper Albright will share her great knowledge with the dance community of Salzburg! On Saturday, May 30th she will teach an OPEN WORKSHOP “Moving Words: an integrated approach to writing and dancing”. We are more than happy to offer this unique possibility to move, work, think, discuss, share … with the American dance theorist Ann Cooper Albright.

Workshop Description: This workshop begins with the assumption that dancing and writing are both about articulating physical and thoughtful experiences and are, therefore, intimately connected to the process of locating ourselves in the world. Through written and performative improvisations, we will focus on movement as a source for writing and language as a support for dancing. By paying attention to the shape, sounds, rhythms, and sensual and semiotic texture of words as well as to the personal and cultural meaning inherent in our physical work, we will generate writing and dancing that challenges the conventional boundaries between languages of the body and languages of the mind.

Ann Cooper Albright: A dancer and a scholar, Dr. Ann Cooper Albright is Professor and Chair of the Department of Dance at Oberlin College. Combining her interests in dancing and cultural theory, she is involved in teaching a variety of courses that seek to engage students in both practices and theories of the body. She is the author of Engaging Bodies: the Politics and Poetics of Corporeality (2013), which recently won the Selma Jeanne Cohen Prize from the American Society for Aesthetics; Modern Gestures: Abraham Walkowitz Draws Isadora Duncan Dancing (2010); Traces of Light: Absence and Presence in the Work of Loie Fuller (2007); Choreographing Difference: the Body and Identity in Contemporary Dance (1997) and co-editor of Moving History/Dancing Cultures (2001) and Taken By Surprise: Improvisation in Dance and Mind (2003). Ann is founder and director of Girls in Motion, an award winning afterschool program at Langston Middle School now in its eleventh year, and co-director of Accelerated Motion: Towards a New Dance Literacy.

If you are interested in participating, please fill in the registration form and return it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



MoveMentors Dance Intensive

One-week dance intensives in Salzburg, Austria

SEAD will give students a chance to experience SEAD in a one-week workshop that gives the participants a taste of what daily life is like in our program. MoveMentors Dance Intensive workshops offer daily morning classes in yoga, contemporary and ballet taught by SEAD faculty. Afternoon workshops with the Mentors will include composition and improvisation. The mentors will give you individualized coaching and mentoring in small groups – a rare opportunity to receive individual feedback and help in bringing out your best dancing. This is a unique opportunity to devote yourself to improving your technical level as well as to introduce you to SEAD’s curriculum.

Our aim for the MoveMentors workshop series is to provide a format that will be inspiring, supportive and informative, giving students very practical skills and sound advice so that they can continue on their way in dance, surefooted and clear about what they need to focus on in order to progress as dancers. We also aim to offer an affordable workshop in a small group setting, where you can be in close communication with the teachers and other participants.

The next MoveMentors workshop will be in our Summer Program 2015 >> SEAD Summer Space


Rootlessroot fightingMonkey 200px

Fighting Monkey Practice &

new movement situations research

Building Earthquake Architecture - Adaptability & Creativity

31.8. - 25.9.2015 (4 weeks intensive, recommended: at least 2 weeks)

SEAD’s 2016 graduating class, the Going On-Year, will take part in a new model of education and training beginning in August 2015.

In addition to their yearly regular schedule of classes, performances, solo showings and theoretical workshops, they will participate in a new format of workshops developed by Josef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea entitled: Fighting Monkey Practice and new movement situations research. These workshops will be open to a small selected group of outside artists of any kind (martial artists, dancers, makers, movers, athletes and other animals) that may join in order to spice up the collaboration of different approaches. The focus of this intensive is “Building Earthquake Architecture – Adaptability & Creativity” Above all, special periodic visits by guest co-researchers and guest artists Akram Khan etc., will be highlighted throughout the working period.

A limited amount of space is open for multi-disciplined visiting students to join this workshop (dance, theatre, music, visual arts etc.) They should be ready to engage in a challenging physical and mental practice during the intensive workshop days. Visiting students are welcome to stay in one of SEAD’s studios and all participants work the days and nights together with refreshments and lunches available daily. The price for two weeks of study including accommodation is 608,00 EUR for two weeks.(896,00 EUR for three weeks and 1.184,00 EUR for four weeks).


Im Studienjahr 2015/16 tritt ein neues Ausbildungsmodell für den Abschlussjahrgang in Kraft. Beginnend mit August 2015 werden StudentInnen des vierten und letzten Jahres (Going On) zusätzlich zu ihrem jährlichen, regelmäßigen Stundenplan an Technikklassen, Performances, Solovorführungen und theoretischen Workshops an einem weiteren, neuen Workshopformat teilnehmen. Dieser Workshop „Fighting Monkey“ wurde von Josef Frucek und Linda Kapetanea entwickelt. Der Fokus liegt dabei sowohl auf der Praxisbezogenheit und gleichzeitig in der Bewegungsforschung.

SEAD öffnet den „Fighting Monkey“-Workshop für eine kleine Gruppe von Künstlern unterschiedlichster Art (Kampfkünstler, Tänzer, Produzenten, Athleten oder andere). Diese Öffnung soll die künstlerische Zusammenarbeit fördern, Perspektiven kreieren und somit erneut, frische Ansätze evozieren. Schwerpunkt ist daher „Building Earthquake Architekture – Adaptability & Creativity“. Unterstützend auf diesen Prozess wirken regelmäßige Teilnahmen von Gast-ForscherInnen wie etwa Akram Khan.

Gaststudenten (aus den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen Tanz, Theater, Musik, bildende Kunst, usw.), die an der Teilnahme von „Fighting Monkey“ interessiert sind, sollten bereit sein, sich während des Workshops in einer anspruchsvollen körperlichen und geistigen Praxis zu engagieren und einzubringen.

Übernachtungsmöglichkeiten für alle TeilnehmerInnen gibt es am SEAD.
Der Preis für zwei Wochen beläuft sich auf 608,00 EUR (für 3 Wochen auf 896,00 EUR und für vier Wochen auf 1.184,00 EUR).


For further information, please email to // Anfragen für weitere Informationen bitte an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Online application here // Hier gehts zur Online-Anmeldung


Natascha Eyber 200px

BASI Pilates Trainer Ausbildung

BASI® Pilates Trainer Ausbildung im SEAD mit Natascha Eyber. Die BASI®-Ausbildung ist ein Intensivlehrgang, der Pilates sowohl als technische, auf anatomischen und physiologischen Grundlagen beruhende Methode im Sinne von Joseph und Clara Pilates begreift, aber auch als eine harmonische Mischung aus Philosophie, Körperlichkeit und Atmung, aus Yoga, Tanz und Fitness.

Nähere Informationen und Termine hier downloaden