Workshops und Fortbildung

Zusätzlich zu den wöchentlich stattfindenden Kursen werden regelmäßig Workshops angeboten. Außerdem bietet SEAD verschiedenste Möglichkeiten der Fortbildung und Trainerausbildung - von Yoga bis Pilates.


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Redefining Choreography
with Slovenian choreographer MATEJ KEJŽAR

November 3rd to 7th 2014

This workshop will focus on “cracking” the methods of choreography, breaking it down to its bare essentials.  Building material to present at daily showings, we will develop a dynamic dialogue in which we will discuss our work and the best ways to engage with and observe it.  A large portion of time also will be spent on dance performance, that is, how we present and execute the work we devise.  I will work to foster an environment in which we can communicate our processes and intentions in an articulate and free flowing manner.  I will provide guidance and individual feedback to help you reach precision and clarity in your choreographic propositions.  We will rediscover the power of dance as a vibrant and vigorous art form, maintaining our belief that choreography is not dead, but rather forever evolving.

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MoveMentors Dance Intensive

One-week dance intensives in Salzburg, Austria

January 5th to 10th 2015
February 16th to 21st 2015
March 30th to April 4th 2015

SEAD will give students a chance to experience SEAD in a one-week workshop that gives the participants a taste of what daily life is like in our program. MoveMentors Dance Intensive workshops offer daily morning classes in yoga, contemporary and ballet taught by SEAD faculty. Afternoon workshops with the Mentors will include composition, improvisation, and partnering. The mentors will give you individualized coaching and mentoring in small groups – a rare opportunity to receive individual feedback and help in bringing out your best dancing. This is a unique opportunity to devote yourself to improving your technical level as well as to introduce you to SEAD’s curriculum.

Our aim for the MoveMentors workshop series is to provide a format that will be inspiring, supportive and informative, giving students very practical skills and sound advice so that they can continue on their way in dance, surefooted and clear about what they need to focus on in order to progress as dancers. We also aim to offer an affordable workshop in a small group setting, where you can be in close communication with the teachers and other participants.

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BASI Pilates Trainer Ausbildung

BASI® Pilates Trainer Ausbildung im SEAD mit Natascha Eyber. Die BASI®-Ausbildung ist ein Intensivlehrgang, der Pilates sowohl als technische, auf anatomischen und physiologischen Grundlagen beruhende Methode im Sinne von Joseph und Clara Pilates begreift, aber auch als eine harmonische Mischung aus Philosophie, Körperlichkeit und Atmung, aus Yoga, Tanz und Fitness.

Informations- und Einführungstag: 24.10.2014, 12.30 Uhr

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