I.C.E. (International Choreographic Exchange) is a one-year postgraduate program that offers young choreographers the opportunity to create their own work independently within a supportive artistic environment. At SEAD, I.C.E. students will have the benefit of dancers, rehearsal space, performance opportunities and feedback from a faculty of international dance professionals.

Choreographers 2019/20

  • emily

  • yochan

  • yoomie

Emily Spearing (1992, Canada) is a graduate of the School of Toronto Dance Theatre’s professional training program where she was the recipient of the “Outstanding Choreography Award.” Since then she has continued to hone her skills as a choreographer through many different avenues. She is a dedicated and passionate artist and SEADs ICE program will allow her the opportunity to focus her efforts on the creative practice. Since the completion of her program in Toronto, she has produced and choreographed her own pieces while also being commissioned by several collective and groups to create additional works. She has had an overwhelming desire to create since she was a child. Emily remembers growing up with a piano in her living room and teaching herself to play. As soon as she knew the basics, she started composing her own simple melodies. None were very good, but the passion to make something new has stayed a heavy constant in her life, only growing stronger with dance. Her goal is to create dance works that explore topics and ideas through the human condition that are real and relatable, and able to move a diverse audience. As a queer female choreographer, she brings a unique voice and different outlook to her physical and creative practice.

Yochan Kang (1984, Korea) Yochan has started classical ballet since he was 10 years old. During his highschool time he had his 3-year-training in contemporary dance major. Yochan has learned different types of dance including classical ballet and koreanese traditional dance. He has a Master of Arts in dacing from the Hanyang University in Seoul. Since he had tough dance training in Korea, he has trained not only his body but also his mind. Moreover, Yochan participated in Art Factory International professional dancer training program in Bologna, Italy since October 2016 which enhanced his skills in contemporary dance. By all the dance experience and his own personality his body movement became very distinctive.

Yoomie Park (1999, Korea) ...

Choreographers 2018/19

  • chen mengxi

  • omer keinan

CHEN MENGXI “Cici” (*1991 China) In approximately 5 years, Cici work with her team as dancer \ choreographer and dance program organizer in Beijing. Before She started to Chinese classical dance training in age of 10. She organize the dance program, known as “Metamorphosis Dance Art Program” to build a dance community featuring a diversity of dance creation cultures, have brought a variety of artists in dance field from the globe, and make a sustainable influence to aspiring dancers in China. In the past 5 years, she had chances to work with artist from different countries and culture backgrounds. She started to think about read into space, environment, audience and performers relationship, music structure, movement qualities, narration and even camera language. As an organizer and choreographer, she really would like to have a broad vision of dance art and understanding with depth about creation in order to serve better choreography and programs, then she think planning and management capabilities are in urgent need by the dance filed both in China and the whole world in the future. Now she decided to focus on her creation and is part of the I.C.E. – International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

Omer Keinan (1997, Israel) is a choreographer from Israel. He graduated from the "Maslool" - Professional Dance Program - Tel-Aviv-Jaffa (Artistic directors: Naomi Perlov, Offir Dagan), where he trained in classical ballet, modern dance techniques and performed international repertoire work. During his training he created ‘Not I’, a solo piece which performed at 'Intima Dance Festival', and ‘Ceremony’, a piece constructed within a 24-hour marathon. After graduating he created the piece ‘Quad’ during a residency at the ‘Fresco House of Dance and Culture’. Seeking to expand his body of work and multidisciplinary tool-set, he joins I.C.E. – International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

Choreographers 2017/18

  • rotem

  • zhiyelun "alan"

  • elodie

Rotem Weissman (*1997, Israel) graduated from the Dance Department at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in 2015, which is one of the largest and most prestigious in Israel. She trained in classical ballet, modern dance, improvisation, composition, Gaga, repertory workshops and more. She received an "Excellence dancer" position from the Israeli authorities, which enabled her to keep on training and dancing during her military service. She than completed two years at the 'Maslool' - professional dance program, a school that provides foundational training for students who plan to pursue a professional career in dance. During the 'Maslool' Rotem got deeply involved with choreography. "And the woman had spoken", a piece that Rotem created and participated in, took part in 'Gvanim' dance festival in September 2017 - a stage for young choreographers at the Suzanne Dellal dance Center, Tel Aviv. In the 2017-2018 season she is part of the I.C.E. – International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

Zhiyelun "Alan" QI (*1992, China) is taking the roles as a choreographer and dancer. He worked at the Beijing Dance Theatre (BDT) and Beijing LDTX Dance Company. Before he professionally started to dance at the age of 18, Alan was studying history and geography in Shenzhen Middle School. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in contemporary dance from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and was an exchange student to Purchase College (State University of New York).  Alan’s passion for dance films came up when studying at HKAPA, where he worked for the dance film “Let’s say” that was selected the “6th Jumping Frame International Dance Film Festival”. Later he became a post-production video editor for BDT. Alan completed a comprehensive mat training course with Polestar Pilates in Hong Kong and gave classes in Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. He decided to focus on his creation and is part of the I.C.E. – International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

Elodie Schillemans (*1992, Netherlands)  is a choreographer from the Netherlands. Since age 14, she danced in projects of Danceworks Rotterdam, Project Sally and Les Ballets C de la B. She was a student of the preparatory course at Codarts Danceacademy, holds a Bachelor Dance in Education from ArtEZ University of the Arts and completed the Honours Programme ‘Theory and Research’. Elodie is a professional dance teacher and performer, while keeping her main focus on choreography. She often collaborates with artists from various genres like theatre, music, fashion, graphic design, fine art and visual arts. Elodie debuted as a choreographer with her interdisciplinary work “Ja nee maar echt echt” in 2016. Now she is part of the I.C.E. – International Choreographic Exchange postgraduate program at SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. www.elodieemilisa.com


Choreographers 2016/17

  • anastasia

  • barnaby

  • mathilde

Anastasia Valsamaki graduated from Greek National School of Dance- KSOT in 2015 where she trained in ballet, graham and contemporary dance. During her studies in KSOT she got involved with choreography, creating short pieces in and out of the school context . On June 2016 she makes her debut as a young choreographer with the piece Sync and continues choreographing and performing.  Anastasia is now one of the Aerowaves Twenty17 Artists and continues her post-graduate studies in SEAD for the I.C.E. program 2016/2017 aiming to explore more aspects of her choreographic method. 

Barnaby Booth is a choreographer and lighting designer from England. Since he gained a first-class honours degree from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, UK, Barnaby's choreography has been shown at various festivals up and down the UK and in Europe. Alongside this he has been commissioned to make work for youth companies, theatre companies, postgraduate companies and music videos. Notably he has worked with bands Fwar and The Drones Club, as choreographic assistant to Mala Kline and as movement director for Headlock Theatre Company at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His lighting design credits include work for DeNada Dance Theatre, Utopia Theatre Company, Feet Off the Ground Dance, MAZPOD, Mala Kline, Tora Hed and Lewys Holt whilst as a performer he has worked with Ben Duke, DeNada Dance Theatre, and Folk Dance Artist Hannah Moore. He also continues to work around the UK and in Ireland as a theatre technician and teacher of choreography, physical theatre, movement improvisation and lighting design.

Mathilde Pailley attended various private schools training in ballet and contemporary dance and then she joined, at the age of 21 the International Academy of Dance in Paris to further her versatility in dance and concentrate on pushing her technical skills as well as improvisation skills.
In September 2015, she joined Dance in Art Junior Company (Haarlem, Netherlands). Soon after beginning in Holland, she started her choreographic work on professional dancers with guidance from well known and talented choreographers as Ms. Rianne Slenema (Korzo production/theater), Ms. Ester Natzijl (NDT), Mr Antonin Comestaz (Korzo production/theater), Mrs Martine Van Santen (artistic director and choreographer of DiA company). 

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