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At the end of our first Hidden States project year, we visited the International Dance Exposure in Tel Aviv again, and saw very different and impressive performances in Suzanne Dellal Centre - home of Batsheva or Inbal Dance Company - , and in other venues such as the old Warehouse 2 in Jaffa Port and the Tmuna theatre. With lots of new and unexpected impressions, names and faces in mind, we came back to town and immediately began to spin more plans for the next year! We want to know more about how Israel became so famous for dance, and who made Tel Aviv a "capital" of dance. But what kind of dance is it? And why do we dance how we dance where we dance? For this we will also put an eye on different places in Israel where you can learn dance. So, we are looking very much forward to the next projects! See you soon - either on our side or the other :)

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