Dancers 2018/19

Photoshooting of members is previewed on 20th October 2018, that´s why there aren´t pictures at the moment.

Bernat Macia Perez (*1994, Spain) He´s trained in different sport disciplines and being part of a competition sailing team. He starts to get in contact with expressive movement and dance form a very young age, after graduated in Conservatori Profesional de Dansa de València he moved to Berlin where joined the dance Intensive Program of Tanzfabrik for one year. After he moved to Salzburg to join the training program of SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) where he has being working with choreographers like Milan Tomásik, Zsuzsa Rozsavolgy, Anton Lachy, Milla Koistinen, Jos Baker or Eduardo Torroja.

Cristina Valdivielso Garcia (Spain)
Cristina Valdivielso Garcia trained at the Professional conservatorio de danza de riba-roja de túria she then continued her training at Salzburg experimental academy of Dance where she graduated 2017/18.

Efthymia Chatzakou (*1991, Greece)
At a young age she started training in rhythmic gymnastics, later switching to dance and training in ballet, contemporary and modern with a local private dance school (Diagonal Dance School). Fenia holds a Bachelor's degree in Dance Education from The University of Bath in association with The Royal Academy of Dance (UK), and a Bachelor's degree in Pedagogical Studies in Primary School from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her ever-growing interest in movement improvisation urged her to work with John Britton and become an associate artist with DUENDE, an international physical theatre team. As an experienced performer, she has participated in many dance related projects and has participated in numerous international workshops led by renowned choreographers and teachers such as David Zambrano, Laura Aris Alvarez, Jorge Crecis, Frey Faust and Jos Baker, amongst others. For the last 6 years, she has taught classical ballet and contemporary dance to young children and adults. Fenia is a member of SEAD’s BODHI Project for the 2018/2019 company year.

Elise Ludinard (*1996, Brussels)
She educated and nourrished by two major artfields : dance and french gastronomy, until 17 she danced and sang in a musical company. In 2014, she joined SEAD and got graduated in 2018. In the meantime, Elise got a Basi Pilates certificate, and teaches regularly. She also created, with Lola Lefevre, performances in collaboration with painters: "Why fireflies die so fast" and "Without passe-pqrtout", danced and performed in the New York in NYU Tisch school of the arts "Too yourself", and in The Place in London "Loyal prophets to an indifferent god" by Barnaby Booth. Influential workshops include those of Lisbeth Gruwez, Mala Kline, Milla Koistinen, Rakesh Sukesh, Julyen Hamilton, among others. The past 5 years, she works occasionally with children as a dance teacher and takes her inspiration from them. She is now joining Bodhi Project Company 2018-2019.

Jun Wang (China)
Jun Wang recently completed his training at Jin Xing Dance Theatre in Shanghai. He has worked collaboratively with a range of world renowned choreographers.

Yun Liu (*1998,Taiwan)
When he was 12, he learned martial arts (Wushu and Kong Fu). He completed dance senior high school in Taiwan. He worked on one project with a Taiwan dance company, barefeet_dnace_theater. After that, he got the chance to go to Korea auditioned for Ultima Vez / Wim Vandekeybus’s new piece Mockumentary of contemporary saviour.
In 2017, he started working with Ultima Vez in Brussels. He was ImPulsTanz dance festival scholarship member in 2018.

Dancers 2017/18

  • tina

  • maté

  • luca

  • tilly

  • felix

  • ruby

Tina Forès-Hitt (*1994, USA) was brought up between the United States and Europe, living as much in Austin, Texas, as in Valencia, Spain. She made a BA in Dance at ArtEZ Academy of the Arts in Arnhem in 2015, and then studied at SEAD until 2017. The Spanish-American dancer was a member of Divers Space Youth Dance Theatre in Austin, Texas, made own choreographic work such as “A Taste of Honey” and “Ophelia” (2013), collaborated with Julia Barrios de la Mora and Caspas Knops, and danced in pieces by Eduardo Torroja / Ultima Vez, Elton Petri, Jelka Milic, just to name a few. Currently, Tina is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Máté Horváth (*1994, Hungary) started dancing at the age of seven. Since he was a child he attended theater pieces as a dancer and a child actor. When he turned 14 he auditioned for the Győr Dance & Fine Arts school where he was selected and later trained for five years, five days a week of classical ballet and modern. During his school years, he was part of an improvisational dance theater and has been ever since. When he graduated he worked for a year as a freelancer with different middle-eastern dance companies and international choreographers and then went to SEAD to continue his education for 3 years. Máté was a guest dancer of BODHI PROJECT in the production of Fragile Matter (Paul Blackman, Christine Gouzelis) and was touring to Battery Dance Festival New York in July 2016. Now he is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Luca Kancsó (*1996, Hungary) first was into running and athletics until she realized the competitive sports world was not made for her. Instead, she started dancing Hip Hop. At the age of 13, Luca was accepted into the Budapest Contemporary Dance School where she studied her High School as well as Hungarian folk dance improvisation, balett, parkour and contemporary dance. After that, she wished to get deeper into her dance training and auditioned for SEAD where she was taken directly into the 3rd year. Within the past years Luca danced in productions by Eduardo Torroja / Ultima Vez, Adrienn Hód, Elton Petri, Jelka Milic, Milla Koistinen, Tamás Bakó, Petrovics Sándor, Eszter Gál, amongst others. Having graduated in 2017, she has decided to stay one more year in Salzburg. She is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Tilly Sordat (*1995, France) was born in France and began dancing ballet at the age of seven. Leaving home at 14 to the become a student of the Regional Conservatory of Lyon, her interests soon turned towards contemporary dance as she performed "Ice" and "Josephine's cat" by Carolyn Carlson for the first time. In 2013, she started her dance studies at SEAD from where she graduated in 2017. Right after graduation, Tilly spent her summer time in SEAD to participate in an international Yoga Teacher Training and obtained her certification. She is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Félix Urbina Alejandre (*1992, Mexico) started his in dance and theatre studies at CEDART Diego Rivera High School in Mexico City, where he got in contact with different artistic disciplines and activities. Having a strong interest for the power of the body on stage, he later on decided to focus solely on dance, and performed his studies in the National Academy of Mexican Dance, the Dance Faculty of the University of Veracruz, and finally in SEAD from 2013 to 2017. He danced in productions by Eduardo Torroja / Ultima Vez, Milla Koistinen, Grace Ellen Barkery / Jan Lauwers (Needcompany), amongst others, and took part in different workshops with David Zambrano, Edivaldo Ernesto or Ricardo Ambrozio. In 2012 he got awarded for Best Choreography of ENEDAC, National Contemporary Dance Students’ Encounter in Mexico. He also taught workshops for professional dancers for the Dance Faculty in Xalapa, Mexico, and Primate Escénico Workshop 2017. Félix believes that each body carries a history, and that through dance we enable our ability to understand others and relate to the world we share. He is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.

Ruby Frances Jones (*1997, USA) grew up in the town of Jackson, Wyoming. She began acting and singing with a children's performance troupe at a young age and continued to develop her performance practice with different Junior companies and guest artists. After graduating Ruby moved to the United Kingdom to train at London Contemporary Dance School. As part of her studies Ruby performed the repertory of Hofesh Shechter Company, Batsheva Dance Company, Netherlands Dance Theater, Richard Alston Dance Company, and the Cunningham Company, in addition to creating new works with Renaud Wiser, Lauren Potter, Mickael Marso Riviere, and Mbulelo Ndabeni. Ruby's own work “malfunction h2t” conceived in collaboration with the Guildhall School of Music, was nominated for the David Steele Award for Student Choreography at The Place Theater in 2017. She completed her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree from London Contemporary Dance School in July 2017. Her passion for movement extends to a strong yogic practice alongside her dance training and is currently pursuing a teaching certification. Ruby is a member of BODHI PROJECT 2017/18.


Dancers 2016/17

  • Camilla

  • Dimitri

  • Simon

  • Juliette

  • Michele

  • LasZlo

Camilla Teixeira Oliveira (*1993, Brazil) studied classical ballet since early childhood. At the age of 16 she continued her classical dance studies at Escola da Danca Maria Olenewa in Rio de Janeiro while discovering new areas of movement i.e. circus activities and acrobatics. In 2009 she integrated into the cast of “Intrepida Trupe” where she studied and performed for three years. During this time she also focused on the study of contemporary dance. At the age of 20, Camilla committed totally to dance, moving to Belo Horizonte to study and became a member of the dance company of Mario Nascimento. Camilla is a member of SEAD’s BODHI Project in the 2016/2017 company year.

Dimitri Christos Kalaitzidis (*1994, USA) began dancing at the age of nine in Western Massachusetts with a pair of tap shoes serving as his gateway to contemporary dance. He holds a BFA in Dance and Hellenic Studies from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, graduating cum laude in 2016 and performing works by Bill T. Jones, Merce Cunningham, Seán Curran, and Pamela Pietro. His past training also includes Jacob’s Pillow, The Juilliard School, and Summer Stages at Concord Academy. Dimitri is a member of SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT in the 2016/2017 company year.

Juliette Valerio (*1995, France) studied from 2003-2012 at the Conservatoire Regional Of Rouen in France. After graduating she joined the Ballet Junior of Geneva during the years 2012-2015 under the direction of Sean Wood and Patrice Delay. There she worked with many different choreographers on repertoire and creation work i.e. Marina Mascarell, Hofesh Schechter, Barack Marshall, Roy Assaf and Stijn Celis. She was a member of the project Utile/inutile of the company Neopost Foofwa in Switzerland during the year 2015/2016. Juliette is a member of SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT in the 2016/17 company year.

László Takács (*1991, Hungary) started dancing at the age of six in Szenna (Hungary). Since he was a child he attended many musicals and drama pieces as a dancer and a child actor. When he turned 14 he auditioned for the Hungarian Dance Academy where he was selected and later trained for five years, six days a week of classical ballet, modern and folk. During his school years, he was part of an improvisational dance theater and has been ever since. When he graduated he went to SEAD to continue his education and after two years he began his career, working with different middle-eastern dance companies and international choreographers i.e. Éva Duda, Eléonore Valère-Lachky and Márton Csuzi. László is a member of SEAD’s BODHI Project in the 2016/2017 company year.

Michele Ferrer (*1984, Mexico) began her studies in dance at the age of eight. In 2008 she graduated as a dancer from the Art University in Veracruz, México. She has collaborated with professional companies of dance, theater and puppetry i.e. A Poc A Poc, Inside the body, Physical Momentum Project, Brujerias de Papel, Teatro de la brevedad, participating in different festivals in U.S.A, South America and Europe. During 2015/2016 she studied in SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance mentored by Edivaldo Ernesto, Jozef Frucek and Ricardo Ambrozio. Michele is a member of SEAD’s BODHI Project in the 2016/2017 company year.

Simon Kriisin (*1984, Sweden) was born in Sweden, Gothenburg. He started his dance training in A.R.E.A. Espai de Dansa i Creació in Barcelona. Shortly after he continued his studies at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich and graduated at Ballet Academy in Gothenburg. Simon has performed in several projects mainly in Gothenburg and Budapest. He has also performed in collaboration with Carmen Olsson in a Butoh performance. Simon is a member of SEAD’s BODHI Project in the 2016/2017 company year.

Guest dancers 2016/17

  • Aleksandra

  • Antonio

Aleksandra Krajewska (*1994, Poland) started dancing various styles from Latin ballroom to musical theatre, ballet, contemporary, jazz, modern, hip hop, character and folk dance. In 2013 she began her studies in SEAD-Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, while working besides as a dancer and model in concerts, commercials, tv shows, as well as theatre and opera productions, latest including new production of 'Faust' in Salzburger Festspiele. Aleksandra is a guest dancer in the creation EXSTESIA.

Antonio Somera Jr. is a quirky interpreter, robust space-eater, and a nimble cat-lover. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, he is a member of emerging collectives: MAYCE, Konichiwaack, and OURO. After achieving a BFA from the SFU Contemporary Dance Program, Antonio has performed on various stages around the west coast of Canada such as 12 Minutes Max, BC Buds, Vines Art Festival, Vancouver International Dance Festival, OnTheBoards, Chinook Series Festival, Dance in Victoria and Dancing on the Edge. He was also a prime dancer for two companies: The Response Dance Company and Dancers Dancing Company. Antonio is also an avid participant in the street-dance community, instructing and spreading the knowledge of waacking. He was the waacking judge of the Gadfly Awards Recipient, Vancouver Street Dance Festival 2016. Antonio is currently engaged in the contemporary dance academy at SEAD in Austria. He is taking his adventures to Europe in order to understand a greater perspective of his own artistic endeavours and to share cultural experiences. Antonio is always willing to be playful and to discover the phenomena in this beautiful world. 

Dancers 2015/16

  • nefeli

  • young-won

  • sami

  • alan

  • federico

Nefeli Kadinopoulou-Asteriou (*1992, Greece) started her dance training at the age of 16. Later she entered the professional department of State School of Dance in Athens where she graduated in July 2015. During these years she attended workshops with Damien Jalet, David Zambrano, Samuel Lefeuvre, Yen Chin Lin, and others. Recently she performed with the Hellenic Dance Company in Athens and New York, and participated in a performance project under the supervision of Rootlessroot dance company in Corfu, Greece. Nefeli is a member of SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Young-Won Song (*1992, South Korea) started her daily dance practice in 2008 at Chungnam Art Highschool and then got accepted to SEAD’s undergraduate program in 2011, in which she completed in 2015. During her studies at SEAD Young-Won participated in the exchange program with Tisch School of the Arts / University of New York in 2014. She performed in creations by Christine Gouzelis and Paul Blackman, Jelka Millic, Milla Koistinen, and Roberto Olivan. In addition she taught dance at Chadwick International School in Incheon, South Korea. Young-Won is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Sami Similä (*1991, Finland) was born in Rovaniemi in Northern Finland. For almost ten years he trained in sports and ballroom dance and then attended the University of Applied Sciences in Turku for a program to become a professional dance teacher. Once he completed the program he joined the University of Arts in Helsinki, where he spent one year in both schools, and then changed to P.A.R.T.S. in Brussel where he worked with choreographers such as David Zambrano and Diana Madden, amongst others. Sami is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Alan Fuentes Guerra (*1986, Mexico) began his art studies in classical music at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and graduated as a dancer from the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlan (EPDM) in 2012. Since then he began his career with performing at different festivals in Mexico and was working with choreographers like Cecila Lugo, Miguel Mancillas, Claudia Lavista, Victor Ruiz, Leticia Alvarado, amongst others. In 2013 he began teaching at La Cantera dance studio in Mexico City, As well as assisting in many workshops. Alan is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Federico Valenti (*1991, Italy) started to study dance in his home town Catania at the age of 15 and continued his education in a professional dance training program at Scenario After two years he moved to Lausanne to join the junior company Le Marchepied. In 2013 he was accepted to the third year of SEAD’s undergraduate-program and graduated successfully in 2015. Federico is a member of SEAD‘s BODHI PROJECT in the 2015/16 company year.

Guest dancers 2015/16

  • nathalie

  • fanny

  • beno

  • elina

Nathalie Baert (*1994, Belgium) started to get in contact with contemporary dance at the age of 14 when she got accepted in de! Kunsthumaniora to follow a dance education along with her normal schooling. Before that, Nathalie danced at a local dance school in her home town where she focused on ballet and jazz, as well as did repertory such as of Batsheva and Mats Ek. Since her last Going On year 2015/16 at SEAD Nathalie is a guest dancer of SEAD’s company BODHI PROJECT.

Fanny Didelot (*1992, France) started dancing in Rennes conservatory while studying music. In 2011, after obtaining the diploma of dance department, she moved to Lille to pursue her training at the CCN Carolyn Carlson’s school for two years where she attended the company classes and worked with choreographers such as Bertrand d’At and Nina Dipla. Since 2013 she follows the performance major undergraduate program in SEAD where she had the opportunity to work with several teachers and choreographers from around the world such as Jelka Millic, Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman, Eleonore Valere Lachky, Ryan Mason, Zsuzsa Rózsavölgyi and more.

Beno Novak (*1991, Slovenia) strated his dancing path in his early age as a member of cultural association KD Qulenium Kranj in Slovenia. Being highly intrigued with this craft he joined Ljubljanas High school for Contemporary Dance in 2007. As a very dedicated individual he soon started creating shorter dance pieces along other dancers as well as collaborating and performing with important Slovenian choreographers such as Matej Kejžar, Matjaž Berger, Maja Delak, etc. He is achieving good results with his works in dance events in Slovenia and abroad, and in 2015 he was awarded by the Cultural Association of Slovenia for his extraordinary commitment to Contemporary Dance. He is currently studying at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance working with diverse faculty of international teachers.

Elina Pohjonen (*1988, Finland) trained for ten years aesthetic group gymnastics. At the age of 18, she joined the Finnish national team and at the age of 20 her passion to movement developed, which led her to dance. Elina graduated in 2013 from the Finnish National Opera Ballet School and a year later she broadend her variety as a dancer on street and commercial dance styles at the Diambra dance school in Stockholm. Now, Elina is attending the fourth year in SEAD, Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. She has worked as a freelance dancer in smaller collectives and performed for example in different festivals in Finland and in a musical „Seili“ in Turku city theater.

Luka Svajda (*1995, Croatia) has been dancing since the age of nine. He tried many different styles like Hip Hop, Jazz, Breakdancing among other, but he found himself in contemporary dance and attended the „Ana Maletic high school for contemporary dance“ in Zagreb. Also, Luka is interested in further training and summer workshops, where he was working with Anton Lachky, Matija Ferlin or David Zambrano and gained performance experience. In 2014, Luka was accepted into SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Currently (2015/16) he is studying in the second year and working with the international faculty.

Dancers 2014/15

  • emmi

  • erica

  • young yun

Emmi Väisänen (*1989, Finland) started her daily dance training at the age of 17 in Kuopio Music Highschool dance department, graduating in 2008. The following year she attended a preparatory dance program for professional education in Kokkola. She then entered Turku Conservatory and graduated with a dance degree in 2012. She has worked with Finnish choreographers Alpo Aaltokoski, Susanna Leinonen and Johanna Nuutinen. Emmi is also one of the founders of the freelance dance artist‘s collective NosteK. In 2013 she was accepted to the fourth year of SEAD and graduated in July 2014. Emmi was a member of BODHI PROJECT in the 2014/15 company year, and continues her collaboration with the company in 2015/16.

Erica Badgeley (*1989, USA) from Seattle holds a B.A. in Dance from the University of Washington, graduating cum laude 2011. Her training includes Springboard Dans Montreal (Idan Sharabi 2012), Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet BFA in San Francisco, and Pacific Northwest Ballet. Since graduating, she has freelanced with Elia Mrak, Kate Wallich | The YC, and Danielle Agami/Ate9 dANCE cOMPANY, while also making her own work. Influential workshops include those of Julyen Hamilton, Robert Hayden, David Zambrano, among others. In 2014 she premiered her own solo work America Actually at Volksroom Brussels. Erica was a member of BODHI PROJECT in the 2014/15 company year, and continues her collaboration with the company in 2015/16.

Young Jun Shin (*1986, South Korea) graduated from Korea National University with a master‘s degree in Fine Arts and is member of the LDP company in South Korea. Many different dance projects brought him to the Lincoln Center in New York in 2010, the Winterthur Theater Switzerland, Ipap Korea‘s Move Europe Tour in tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam, Olhão Auditorium in Portugal, Dansenshus Stockholm, The Place London, Mousonturm Frankfurt and Fall for Dance in New York in 2012. Young Jun was a member of BODHI PROJECT in the 2014/15 company year, and continues his collaboration with the company in 2015/16.

Dancers 2013/2014

Joshua Haines (*1989, USA) did his BFA Dance Major at the Alonzo King LINES Ballet/Dominican University San Francisco, California, and studied at the Ballet Repertoire Theater Huntington Beach, California from 2002 to 2008. He was a dancer in „Poetry and the Necessity of Movement" with Pina Bausch dancer Julie Anne Stanzak, a soloist at Zhukov Dance Theater, San Francisco, directed by Yuri Zhukov and danced in Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel. Joshua is a BODHI PROJECT member in 2013/2014.

Kenan Dinkelmann (*1988, Turkey) made his BA in Dance at ArtEZ - Institute of the Arts, Arnhem (Netherlands). Before he was a Dance and Circus-Art student at Die Etage, Schule für darstellende Künste Berlin. He has worked with teachers such as Maya Lipsker, Stella Zannou, Tony Vezich, Wim Vandekeybus, Peter Jasko, Tono Lachky, David Zambrano and more. He was a dancer in the performance „On the way to immortality" by Jadi Carboni, supported by Dock11 (Berlin) and the European Union and toured the work in Berlin, Moscow, Paris, Ancona and Rom. Kenan is a BODHI PROJECT member in 2013/2014.

Luan de Lima da Silva (*1989 in Brazil) studied at EPD-Escola Preparatoria de Dança de Caxias do Sul, where he graduated in 2004. In 2006 he began to work at Cia. Municipal de dança de Caxias do sul. Alongside this, he participated in projects with Ney Morais Grupo de Dança, Quarta Parede Grupo de Dança and many more. In 2010 Luan was accepted to the second year of SEAD and graduated in June 2013. He danced in pieces such as „CANN-CANN" by Nigel Charnock and „Fleur du Mal" by Tony Vezich. Luan is a BODHI PROJECT member in 2013/2014.

Dancers 2012/2013

Sophia Papanikandrou (1989, Greece) Her first dance classes were ballet and later on she discovered contemporary dance. Since 2008 she has been a student at SEAD practising ballet, contemporary dance techniques, improvisation, theatre, contact improvisation, yoga and Pilates with internationally renowned teachers. In June 2012 Sofia graduated from SEAD's undergraduate program, since September 2012 she is a member of SEAD's company BODHI PROJECT. 

Plus guest dancers from SEAD's undergraduate program (4th year).

Dancers 2011/2012

Iris de Hertogh (*190, Belgium) started to dance in her hometown Antwerp where afterwards she studied contemporary dance in highschool. Four years later she got accepted to Codarts, University of Arts in Holland for the dance program. In the same year she auditioned for SEAD where she is now attending her third and last year of education.

Víctor Perez Armero (*Catalania) started dancing traditional Catalan folk dance at the age of four back in Sant Cugat, Barcelona, where later he discovered contemporary dance. From 2004 he focused in dance, training in the schools AREA and Varium, while combining it with artschool, teaching and performing with the companies Factoria Mascaró and Toc de Retruc. In 2008 he was accepted at P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Arts Research and Training Studios) where he has worked with choreographers such as Thomas Hauert, David Zambrano and David Hernandez among others. There he has created the duet B.I.P. (Beep Is Power) with Védís Kjartansdóttir and collaborated with Renan Martins (former SEAD student) in the creation of 7th Sense and 2854.

Dancers 2010/2011

Andrea Bartók (*1989, Hungary) started to dance at the age of four learning techniques in jazz, rock and roll and ball-room dance. Then at the age of fifteen, she studied at Budapest Comprehensive Dance School, directed by Iván Angelus. During her four years there, she studied ballet, contemporary techniques, contact-improvisation, modern techniques and creation. Andrea toured in to theatres and festivals both in Hungary and across Europe. In 2008, she joined SEAD and this year has joined to the BODHI PROJECT.

Plotinos Eliadis (*1982, Cyprus) has dedicated his life to dancing by studying, teaching and creating dance. He has undergraduate degrees in Physical Education & Sports Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and in Dance from the Vocational Dance School of Rallou Manou. He has danced with several dance companies, such the Trasito Dance Company and the company of Rallou Manou.

Shai Faran (*Israel) started her studies majoring in dance at the Misgav High School. After she finished her studies she danced in the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company II for one year, in Sigma Ensemble for two years and in Dafi Altabab Dance Group for a further year. During these years she created pieces which won scholarships from the American-Israel Cultural Foundation and also performed in several theaters and festivals in Israel.

Dancers 2009/10

Anne-Laure Dogot (Belgium) started her dance education in 1993 at Danses et Cie in Tournai (Belgium) directed by Xavier Gossuin. In September 2006 she started her education at SEAD, in June 2009 she graduated after 3 years of education. Since fall 2009 she is a member of BODHI PROJECT.

Ariadna Gironès Mata (Spain) started her dance education in 1992 in Spain and was dancing in the Modern program Company&Company from 2003 to 2005 before she started her studies at SEAD. She graduated in June 2009 and is now a member of BODHI PROJECT.

Camille Mariage (Belgium) started to dance in 1994. From 2002 to 2006 she was trained at Danses et Cie in Tournai (Belgium) directed by Xavier Gossuin. She started to study at SEAD in 2006 and graduated in summer 2009. Since fall 2009 she is a member of BODHI PROJECT.

Evmorfia Stylianidou (Cyprus) began to learn ballet modern dance and contemporary at Frosws Xatjigewrgiou ballet school in Limassol, Cyprus. In 2005 she got a one year scholarship to work with The Egribiancodanza company in Italy, after winning a competition in Greece in the same year. In 2006 she started her studies at SEAD and graduated in 2009. She is now a member of BODHI PROJECT.

Špela Vodeb (Slovenia) started to dance at the age of six. She trained Standard and Latin dances, and changed her interest to contemporary dance in 1999. She was educated in "Dance Forum Celje", directed by Gordana Stefanovic Erjavec and Dance Theatre Ljubljana, Agon. She started her studies at SEAD in 2006 and graduated in June 2009. Since fall 2009 she is a member of BODHI PROJECT.

Dancers 2008/09

Viktoria Andersson (Sweden), Nathalee Lavebäck Frohm (Sweden), Dávid Mikó (Hungary), Weronika Pelczynska (Poland), Magí Serra Forastè (Spain), Martin Hansen (Australia), Mika Hasizume (Japan), Soren Linding Urup (Denmark), Jana Ryslava (Czech Republic), Megan Madorin (USA)


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