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Eldad Ben Sasson from Israel is a successful dancer, choreographer and teacher who comes from a long career in Ohad Naharin’s Batsheva Dance Company. With his choreographic approach and his working methods, he brings a fresh look at what is happening in today’s contemporary dance scene in Tel Aviv. Eldad’s new creation Ha’omnam (meaning: Is it true?) will consist of the five BODHI PROJECT dancers, and will be premiered in April 2016.

Eldad about the piece: "When I travel, I want to feel calmness about my past and present, embracing the feelings of loss and pain, drawing my quietness from contact with the forces of nature - my inner peace a source of optimism."

Premiere: April 29 and 30, 2016 (in the frame of Xchange festival) Cast: Alan Fuentes Guerra, Federico Valenti, Nefeli Kadinopoulou-Asteriou, Sami Similä, Young-Won Song, Ines Carijo  Duration: 40 minutes Production: A production of SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance Supported by Hidden States - a cultural dance exchange project of Israel and Austria

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