emanuel gat


Chaotic and yet precisely choreographed, Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat built this short creation around mechanisms of extreme co-dependence and interrelation between the dancers. Its kinetic structure with organic qualities and a seamless stream of un-predictable yet coherent patterns, is producing an autonomous dramaturgic urgency. The work is experimenting with the laws of constructions and how they govern every moving and living system, from choreography to social organisation. Presenting the viewer with an almost graphic visualization of human connections, SEADsketches is a transposition of social relations into choreographic form. It behaves as a sort of map of the web-like stream of information flowing constantly between people.

Premiere: October 28, 2016, ARGEkultur - Saal (in the frame of tanz_house festival 2016) Credits: Concept, Choreography: Emanuel Gat Dancers: Camilla Teixeira Oliveira, Dimitri Christos Kalaitzidis, Juliette Valerio, Michele Ferrer, Simon Kriisin, László Takács Duration: 30 minutes Production: SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance Supported by Salzburg City Culture, Salzburg Land Culture, and The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria. In the context of Hidden States - a cultural dance exchange project of Israel and Austria

  • Bodhi Project
  • Bodhi Project

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