etienne guilloteau / bodhi project / alain franco / oenm . oesterreichisches ensemble für neue musik / anne-catherine kunz / hans meijer

Tanz & Musik „Zeit-Bild“

For Zeit-Bild, a performance evening with nine dancers and eight musicians, Etienne Guilloteau takes his inspiration from Henri Bergson’s belief that duration is measured not in the seconds, minutes and hours of time, but in smells, pleasure, pain and other sensations. Zeit-Bild, initially commissioned by Stiftung Mozarteum in co-production with SZENE Salzburg, puts the focus on three composers – Wolfgang A. Mozart, Morton Feldman and Beat Furrer. Working with composer and pianist Alain Franco, Etienne Guilloteau examines the individual composers’ relationship to time. The music was selected according to specific criteria – the varying relationships to time and duration, the timbre of the instruments as well as the contrast in intensity and dynamic. Guilloteau has choreographed a dialogue of movement and music, which is brought to life onstage by oenm – austrian ensemble for new music and the dancers of the SEAD BODHI PROJECT. Both fascinating and moving, Zeit-Bild shows how duration is composed by many layers of memories, sensitivity, tension and softness and how the past, present and a possible future exist in every action of the body.

Premiere: November 27, 2015, republic Salzburg (in the frame of DIALOGE 2015) Credits: Artistic concept and choreography: Etienne Guilloteau, Performance: SEAD’s BODHI PROJECT (Erica Badgeley, Emmi Väisänen, Young-Won Song, Nefeli Kadinopoulou-Asteriou, Nathalie BAert, Young Jun Shin, Alan Fuentes Guerra, Sami Similä, Federico Valenti / Beno Novak)  Music: oenm . österreichisches ensemble für neue musik  Music dramaturgy, piano: Alan Franco  Costume: Anne-Catherine Kunz  Light design: Hans Meijer  Duration: 65 min., a full evening program with dance and live music Production: The project is a cooperation of Stiftung Mozarteum Salzburg, SZENE Salzburg/apap – advancing performing arts project, Action Scénique and SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. Photos: ISM / Wolfgang Lienbacher Trailer: Aurora Bytes 

"Was Guilloteau grandios gelingt, ist den natürlichen Typus der Tänzer zu erhalten und ihn dennoch um eine choreografierte Körperlichkeit zu erweitern." Verena Schweiger,

"Alle Bewegungen kommen von den Tänzer_innen selbst, ich habe nur die Struktur gegeben." (Choreograf Etienne Guilloteau über seine Arbeit mit Bodhi Project, tanzschrift, März 2016) 

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