Sita Ostheimer


The new piece Ubuntu, a simple word meaning "I am because of who we are", is based on an idea or philosophy from the Southern African region, and is often translated as "humanity towards others". The dance work which is closely linked to light design and music, was newly developed during a four weeks collaboration of Sita Ostheimer with seven young dancers of BODHI PROJECT, an international repertory company situated in SEAD, Salzburg, and was premiered at the New Faces New Dances festival in February 2016 in Salzburg. 

In Ubuntu the dancers are looking at their lifes, just for a moment, for a blink of an eye. Most of the time they are unsure if it is a past, present or a future life. Sometimes connecting with others, sometimes not. They try to collect moments in their memories, and look at them again and again as if looking at a photo album of ones life. Sita’s choreography brings light to these captured moments, and then they slip away in the darkness again. Expressive fluent, sensual, and earthy movements, soloists and groups appear wedded with light and darkness. The quality and rhythm of the material plays the biggest role in transmitting the meaning of Ubuntu. The dancers let go of what they know physically completely and move from an honest, instinctive point. 

What makes Sita Ostheimer’s choreography so original is not only the unique language for her particular and peculiar movement language, but also the manner in which she weaves together her light, dance and music, creating an atmospheric world. This world of Ubuntu is moving, identifiable, and lures you into its embrace with its elegant and seemless montage of images.

Premiere: February 8, 2016, New Faces New Dances, republic Salzburg Credits: Choreography: Sita Ostheimer Performer (original cast): Alan Fuentes Guerra, Fanny Didelot, Federico Valenti, Elina Pojohnen, Nefeli Kadinopoulou-Asteriou, Sami Similä, Young-Won Song  Music, composition: Adrien Casalis  Assistence: Carl Crochet, Judith Nagel  Light: Sita Ostheimer Duration: 25 minutes Production: SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance Supported by Salzburg City Culture, Salzburg Land Culture, and The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria Photos: Bernhard Müller Video: SensoReye Production Restaged in Autumn 2016 with the dancers of Bodhi Project 2016/17 (Camilla Teixeira Oliveira, Dimitri Christos Kalaitzidis, Juliette Valerio, Michele Ferrer, Simon Kriisin, László Takács)

„…die rhythmisierte Choreografie der Deutschen Sita Ostheimer mit dem Titel „Ubuntu“. Das Wort ist in Südafrika Ausdruck dafür, dass sich der Einzelne durch die Mehrheit begreift. Ein starker Kontrast zum ersten Programmpunkt mit stimmungsvoller Lichtregie und einer sphärischen Klangfläche.“ (Salzburger Nachrichten, 10. Februar 2016) 

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