october dances

(1) Title: Kritter
Concept and direction: Stephanie Thiersch
Choreographic Assistance: Viviana Escalé
Dance and creation: Bodhi project; Csenger K. Szabó, Imola Kascó, Jeanne Laurent Caron, Márton Gláser, Noémie Anneg, Cindy Ng
Lights: Frank Lischka
Production: BODHI PROJECT / blackmountain, SEAD

Stephanie’s interest as a choreographer is always directed at the body in process of transformation and towards a confrontation of contexts. Her bodies are neither one nor the other. She attempts a balancing act between these contexts and wants the audience to take a stance in the in-between spaces. Stephanie’s choreography for BODHI PROJECT opens a view on the ambivalent relationship of humans and non-humans with the natural world. Six bodies in constant transformation try to organize and reconfigure the relations with what is there. They explore strategies of „staying in trouble “(Donna Haraway) proposing more a making with, than an individual self-fulfilment.


(2) Title: Dancer is the answer
Choreography: Hillel Kogan
Artistic Adviser and Dramaturge: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser
Dancers: Bodhi project; Csenger K. Szabó, Imola Kascó, Jeanne Laurent Caron, Márton Gláser, Noémie Anneg, Cindy Ng
Lights: Frank Lischka
Production: BODHI PROJECT / blackmountain, SEAD
Music: J.Strauss II, Balakulandjan, J.S. Bach

Dance is magic. Dance is fun. Dance is freedom. What‘s Dance for you?
Habitus is a sociological term that indicates ingrained habits, skills and dispositions. It is the way that individuals perceive the world around them and react to it. These dispositions are usually shared by people with similar backgrounds (such as social class, religion and profession). Dancers share habitus, and the „dance world“ is a tribe. The habitus is the way group culture and personal history shape the body and the mind of this tribe. The habitus consists of both the tendency to use the body in a certain way, such as posture and style, and more abstract mental habits, feelings, as well as actions. These are not mere habits. These are attitudes, mannerisms, tastes. This piece celebrates them.


02.10.2019    Anna Leon talks with Hillel Kogan
03.10.2019    Massimo Gerardi talks with Stephanie Thiersch


BIO Choreographers:

Stephanie Thiersch. After studies in dance, humanities in Germany and France as well as art at the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne, she founded MOUVOIR Company in the year 2000. Stephanie develops interdisciplinary stage performances, films and installations that are known for undermining usual perception habits and genre boundaries. Since the beginning, MOUVOIR works with international artists and co-producers, performs worldwide and received numerous awards. She was a visiting professor at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen and at the University for Music and Dance Cologne and Frankfurt. Since 2017, she is artistic director of the festival GLOBALIZE:COLOGNE URBÄNG! within the Freihandelszone Ensemble. Thiersch sees her choreographic work as being part of a broader paradigm of interdisciplinary movement research, which initially involved media, then increasingly visual arts and pop culture, and currently primarily integrates music in the choreographic mindset.

Hillel Kogan. Hillel is an award-winning choreographer, dancer, dramaturge and teacher, whose work has been performed in venues and festivals all over the world. Kogan has performed as a guest dancer with Batsheva Dance Company and works as Assistant to Choreographer Ohad Naharin since 2005, in Batsheva Dance Company in Israel, as well as worldwide. Kogan is a member of the Israeli Choreographers’ Association since 2009 and was appointed by the Israeli ministry of culture as co-artistic director of the Curtain Up Festival in 2015 and 2016. He collaborates with various choreographers in the Israeli independent dance scene. He works internationally as a teacher in Gaga movement language, repertoire (his own and other’s) and improvisation, and has taught at companies such as Norway’s Carte Blanche, Gauthier Dance in Germany, IT Danza in Spain, and more. In 2018 he was invited to create a piece for Ballet du Capitole in France (performed in Theatre Garonne and Montpellier Danse festival). His latest pieces are WE LOVE ARABS, THE SWAN AND THE PIMP, THE RITE OF SPRING and OBSCENE GESTURE.

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Event Date 02. Oct 2019
Location Theater im KunstQuartier