Friday showing

SEAD performs Meytal Blanaru + Going ons

Meytal Blanaru is working from September 2nd to September 27th with our SEAD's Going on students. You can see the result of their efforts on 4th of October 2019 in the Josef Eckart Theatre in SEAD. Performance is starting at 6 pm!

Eintritt: € 5,00




Choreography: Meytal Blanaru
Music by: Book of Air
Lights: Siel Van Dingenen
Performers: students of the Going On year


Welcome to today‘s showing! We would like to take a moment to offer some important information about today‘s showing. In this piece, we have been busy with notions of togetherness and changing perspectives. We are looking for how changing our perspective allows us to see one another differently.

Because of the theme of the piece, we chose to share it in this way: we have designed the performance so there is no division between public and performer. No inside/outside the stage, only an infinite amount of places from which to look.

We invite you to sit amongst us, in the spaces between the performers, to walk to another location and watch the performance from another perspective whenever you wish to do so.

All of our actions, trajectories and pathways are adjustable, so you will not disturb the course of the show when sitting close to a performer. In the course of the show, you will not be asked to do anything, you will not be touched. What we aim is for you to be able to see the performance from up close and from different perspectives.

Thank you!


Event Properties

Event Date 04. Oct 2019

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