BODHI PROJECT at Sommerszene 2022

BODHI PROJECT at Sommerszene 2022


Fly Me To The Moon invites the viewer to spend an unforgettable day on board of intergalactic ship FMTTM which after many years of traveling in space is heading back to Earth. The viewer will witness the unfolding tragicomedy between the crew of top pilots and their base on earth.

Fly Me To The Moon was created in close collaboration between dancers of BODHI PROJECT dance company and choreographer Elena Fokina. This work has the style of a theatrical play that utilizes virtuosic contemporary dance language. The piece is supported by the unique soundscape created by composer Tara Moskalets.

This creation invites everyone to dive into the tragicomic world of science fiction and adventure!

Cast (in order of appearance):
Dr Friedmann aka DRF612: Luisa Heilbron
Hannah aka K000.01: Hannah Seilern-Moy
Captain Clay J. aka CLICH666: Andréa Givanovitch
Surgeon Lyor Mary aka LMY0Y: Dylan Brahim Labiod
Navigator Sharaya A. aka T2L00A: Paola Taddeo
Scientist Charlie J. aka CL774: Jaeger Wilkinson
Meteorologist Akapetra aka KT03: Jeanne Procureur
Droid 1604: Maria Zhi Tortosa Soriano
Hannah’s mom: Nichola Seilern-Moy

Creatives & Crew:
Concept & Choreography: Elena Fokina
Artistic direction: Susan Quinn
Sound composition & editing: Tara Moskalets
Music: Tara Moskalets, Bendik Giska
Text: Luisa Heilbron with BODHI PROJECT dancers
Rehearsal direction: Maja Poturovic
Light design: Frank Lischka
Costume design: Celina Mayr
Set design: Elena Fokina, Jeanne Procureur, Frank Lischka
Set design realization: Safet Aldzic
Production management: Maja Poturovic
Production: blackmountain/BODHI PROJECT (AUT), SEAD (AUT)
Co-producer: SZENE (AUT), SQFARM. (DE)
Supported by: Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport

Tickets: € 16.– / Ermäßigungen für Ö1-, SN- und AK-Card-Inhaber sowie Studierende, Schüler*innen, Lehrlinge, S-Pass- und Ö1-Intro-Card-Inhaber*innen
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Event Date 15. Jun 2022
Location SZENE Salzburg