Professional dance classes
with sead guest teachers

The classes of SEAD’s postgraduate programs open twice a week to external professional dancers.
Every Monday and Wednesday from 9.00 to 10.30 with SEAD guest teachers.

Upcoming dates

Summer Break

18.-20.6. Anton Lacky (contemporary)
11./12./15.6. Anton Lacky (contemporary, intensive class 2 hrs)

4.-8.6. Anton Lacky (contemporary, intensive class 2 hrs)

28.-30.5. Manuel Ronda (contemporary)
21.-23.5. no class
14.-16.5. no class (academy break)
7.-9.5. no class (final audition)
2.5. Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto (contemporary)

30.4. Vittoria De Ferrari Sapetto (contemporary)
23.-25.4. Milan Tomasic (contemporary)
16.-18.4. Milan Tomasic (contemporary)
9.-11.4. Milan Tomasic (contemporary)

Easter break (26.3.-6.4.2018)

19./21.3. Milan Tomasic (contemporary)
12./14.3. Milan Tomasic (contemporary)
5./7.3. Isaac Spencer (Ballet)

26./28.2. Ran Brown (contemporary)
19./21.2. Ran Brown (contemporary)
12./14.2. Yaghvali Falzari (Ballet)
5./7.2 Ran Brown (contemporary)

29./31.1. Paul Blackman (contemporary)

22./24.1. Paul Blackman (contemporary)

15./17.1. Isaac Spencer (ballet)
10.1. Paul Blackman (contemporary)
8.1. Mala Kline (contemporary)

3.1. Mala Kline (contemporary)

Christmas break

11./13.12. Lali Ayguadé (contemporary)
4./6.12. Lali Ayguadé (contemporary)

20./22.11. Libby Farr (ballet)
13./15.11. Konstandina Efthimiadou (contemporary) note: these two classes will have workshop format and go from 9.00 to 11.30
(Prices: SEAD graduates € 8,- / externs € 16,-)
6./8.11. No class

30.10./1.11. Jarkko Mandelin (contemporary)
23./25.10. Jarkko Mandelin (contemporary)
16./18.10. Jarkko Mandelin (contemporary)
9./11.10. Lali Ayguadé (contemporary)

September/October Special Kick-off:
2./3./4./5./6.10., from 9.00 to 10.30 with Helder Seabra (contemporary)
27./28./29.9., from 9.00 to 10.30 with Helder Seabra (contemporary)

Classes are open to professional dance school graduates, freelance dancers, dance teachers, SEAD graduates, students of Mozarteum’s ORFF Institute.

We ask you to sign in a week before.
A proof of education and/or CV should be sent via email a week prior or to be shown on the day before entering the class.
Teachers and coordinator reserve the right to refuse entry to the classes to anyone whose level doesn’t prove sufficient.

Price for SEAD graduates: € 5,-
Price for externs: € 7,- (only morning class) and € 10,- (evening class)

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