long past

At the invitation of SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance and Sommerszene, the French­-Spanish­-Belgian choreogra­pher Rosalba Torres Guerrero cre­ates a fulllength piece for six dancers from the company Bodhi Project. In Long Past, a group of people whose memory has vanished tries to ap­proach what it once meant to be an individual, and to understand how to react to genuine emotions. They attempt to create a bond, a sense of community, and are accompanied on this search by the permanent pres­ence of a faraway soundscape. Long Past is the story of an awakening to the remains of a world that once exis­ted.

Rosalba Torres Guerrero began her stage career with Ismaël Ivo and Philippe Decouflé before joining Rosas in 1997. Since 2005 she danced in Alain Platel’s productions such as Out of context and C(h)oeurs. In the past few years she succeeded with own pieces such as BADKE, which was shown at Sommerszene 2015.

Choreography Rosalba Torres Guerrero Performance Camilla Teixeira Oliveira, Dimitri Christos Kalaitzidis, Juliette Valerio, Antonio Somera Jr., Michele Ferrer, Simon Kriisin Photos Bernhard Müller Duration 60 minutes A cooperation of Szene Salzburg, SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance und Bodhi Project in the context of hidden states – an intercultural dance exchange Supported by Salzburg City Culture, Salzburg Land Culture, and The Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria