What are the conditions for applying to SEAD? What kind of previous education do I need to have?
To apply for the undergraduate program you need to have completed your high school diploma. To apply for the postgraduate programs you should have completed a professional education in dance.

What is the minimum age for applying to SEAD?
To apply for the undergraduate program you must be at least 18 years old before the first day of the school year.

Is it possible to transfer to SEAD or to enter a higher class?
SEAD gives equivalence to students who have been a member of a professional dance company or who have completed one or more years of undergraduate training in dance. The level that is most appropriate for you will be evaluated during the audition process.

Is it possible to attend SEAD as a Major in Choreography when entering into a higher class?
If you are entering into the 3rd (Defining) or 4th (Going On) years at SEAD, please note that if accepted you will not be able to attend as a Choreography Major.

I want to apply to SEAD but there is no audition in my country. What can I do?
If you live in South America, Africa, or Australia, you may inquire about video auditions. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All other applicants must register for one of the scheduled first Round Auditions, listed here.


What does the audition consist of?
The first Round Auditions will include classes in ballet and contemporary, and you will be asked to show a solo.

What kind of solo should I bring for the audition?
Please prepare a solo 1:00-1:30 minutes in length, to be shown without music or props.

Is there a dress code for the audition?
There is no dress code for the auditions. You should feel comfortable, but also make sure we can see how your body is working.

When will I know if I'm selected for the second Round?
Audition results will be emailed one week after the first Round Audition.

If I am invited to the final Round Auditions, does SEAD offer accommodation during the Audition?
SEAD does not have the capacity to offer accommodation during the Audition, however along with your second Round invitation you will receive a list of places that offer affordable accommodations in Salzburg.

Is it possible to take or watch classes at SEAD?
During the second Round Audition you will be able to work with SEAD faculty, see choreography by guest teachers performed by SEAD students, and meet and talk to students, giving you a taste of the SEAD community. However, it is not possible to attend classes of the academy as students need their working environment to be consistent. If you are interested in trying out classes at SEAD, we recommend checking out the MoveMentors workshop series.

Can I schedule a visit to SEAD?
At this time we are unable to accommodate individual visits to the academy. Candidates who are invited to the second Round Auditions will have the opportunity to take classes, see the school, and speak with faculty.

In case I am not accepted, can I get feedback?
Due to organisational reasons it is not possible to give feedback after the auditions.

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What is the working language at SEAD?
The working language at SEAD is English. English proficiency will be evaluated during the final Round Audition; we do not require a particular exam.

Is SEAD a full-time or part-time program?
The Artists in Process undergraduate program is a full-time study program. The average time spent in classes and rehearsals is 35 to 45 hours per week.

Is SEAD a private or a state school? Is SEAD a university?
SEAD is a private school. Students from SEAD receive a four-year diploma that is recognized by certain international universities as the equivalent of a Bachelor of Arts degree.

When I have completed the four year program at SEAD, what do I get?
After four years of successful study students receive a diploma in professional contemporary dance.

When does the school year start and end?
The school year usually begins in mid-September and finishes at the end of June.

How can I find accommodation in Salzburg?
Upon acceptance to SEAD you will be given a list with student dorms and places to search for a room or apartment in Salzburg. Please note that Salzburg is a student town and student housing fills quickly. We advise you to search for a room immediately after you are admitted to SEAD.

Is there an international tuition fee?
There is no difference in the tuition fee. Students coming from all over the world pay the same tuition.

How much are living expenses and accommodation in Salzburg?
A room in an apartment with other students costs around €300 to €500. Some students also share a room to divide the costs. Living expenses are comparable with those of bigger European cities.

How easily can I get a job in order to support myself while studying at SEAD?
Because SEAD is a full-time study program, and the schedule may vary, there is not much time to work outside school. Students usually work during their breaks in order to cover expenses.

Can I get support from the state of Austria?
It is best to try to get scholarships from your own country. We can connect you with current students who may be able to help you find scholarship opportunities in your home country.

If I am admitted, how much time do I have to make a decision?
Once you are admitted you will receive a contract. You will have about 2 weeks to make a decision and return your signed contract. Once you have signed the contract and sent the registration fee, you are registered and expected to attend the program.

If I have been admitted to the program but cannot attend, is it possible to come for the following year?
If you decide not to attend this year you will have to reapply and audition next year.

Does SEAD accept exchange students?
We accept a limited number of exchange students if there are places available. For more information please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..