academy fees


Undergraduate program - artist in process

Tuition fee per year: 4.500 euros
Administration fee: 3.000 euros, to be paid before the start of the education program

If the student is accepted into a higher year, the administration fee will be as follows:

  • 2nd year: 2.250 euros
  • 3rd year: 1.500 euros
  • 4th year: 1.000 euros

Postgraduate 1-year-program I.C.E. - artist in practice

Tuition fee: 4.500 euros
Administration fee: 1.000 euros

1-year-intensive training program FIRE

Tuition fee: 4.500 euros
Administration fee: 1.000 euros 

Methods of payment

The student is required to send the signed school contract to SEAD with a deposit of 750 euros to guarantee his/her place. The balance of all administration fees must be paid by 1st August. Tuition fees are payable either in one installment of 4.500 euros due September 1st, or in two installments of 3.000 euros due September 1st and 1.700 euros due February 1st. Note that paying in two installments adds a fee of 200 euros.



Students are encouraged to apply for grants and awards by their local (municipal, regional, national) authorities.

SEAD offers a limited number of working scholarships to undergraduate students, which cover up to a maximum of 50 % of the tuition fee. NOTE: these scholarships are awarded preferably to students already studying at SEAD.

Land Salzburg awards students’ scholarship

The Land Salzburg has made the exceptional and needed decision to award a yearly scholarship of € 4000 to a talented dancer. This scholarship is intended to cover the costs for one year of an intensive and challenging dance program in Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance.

This scholarship offers young professional dancers the possibility to become a member of SEAD’s dance community, which offers high caliber technical and theoretical  training. SEAD is a platform for an abundance of idea exchange, creativity and knowledge. SEAD has a renowned reputation globally. Its faculty and students come from all over the world and contribute to an education that is multifaceted, rich and highly demanding. Having a formation from SEAD is a sought-after goal of many dance students who aspire to a professional career in dance.

To apply
The criteria for acceptance into the scholarship program is the following:
Previous dance training
Minimum age of 18 years old
High school diploma
Unusual talent
Home in Salzburg (at least 4-year residence)

The application
Please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a:
motivation letter
three letters of recommendation

The candidate will be invited to SEAD’s yearly audition and will be informed of the decision of acceptance or non-acceptance directly following.

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