fire year… feel, inspire, reflect, engage!

The  school year 2024/25, SEAD is offering once again its program entitled FIRE year… feel, inspire, reflect, engage!

It is  a one year intensive program, beginning in September 2024, for selected candidates from our last round audition in May 2024. FIRE year is for individuals who are looking for a strong year of training before their next step in dance. It can be either a time out from their dancing career or simply a full year of training. Upon completion of FIRE year, students will receive a SEAD certificate. FIRE year is intended to bring fresh insights and new energy to life, to fire up the dancer’s motivation with an energetic understanding of technique and creativity. FIRE year aims to remove blocks and stagnation by bringing light and inspiration by joining SEAD’s community of artists!

FIRE year is divided into six sessions of four to six weeks long, similar to the professional program. FIRE students are integrated with the other school year students in various ways throughout the year; in choreographic showings, informal showings, student meetings and group projects. The FIRE students will also have the opportunity to vote for one representative who sits on a student committee on behalf of their year group and meets with the school director each session, discussing ideas and feedback. Apart from technical and creative abilities, the students are assessed on their maturity and willingness to work in a school community as well as their commitment to dance. Class schedules will be sent in August, as well as dates for orientation and sessions.

SEAD believes that the FIRE program is a chance for those students who have a passion for dance to study intensively, on a one year basis, in preparation to either audition once again with a more nourished and developed technique or to approach their  dance career with a more defined goal and focus. Students who want to make the transition from the FIRE year into the professional undergraduate program can audition in May and can be accepted into either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year depending on their progress.

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