Foto: Chris Rogl, 2018

Postgraduate program - Artist in Practice

SEAD's postgraduate program is comprised of a one-year program designed for students who have successfully completed a professional dance program and who are ready for independent initiatives supported by professional mentorship. Reflection and intensive daily work in one's specialization are the basis of the programs. The program is open to SEAD graduates and students from outside SEAD. The year completed on its own earns a one year post graduate certificate.

I.C.E. (International Choreographic Exchange) is a one-year postgraduate program that offers young choreographers the opportunity to create their own work independently within a supportive artistic environment. At SEAD, I.C.E. students will have the benefit of dancers, rehearsal space, performance opportunities and feedback from a faculty of international dance professionals.

I.C.E. students have the option of devising a curriculum tailored to their particular needs with the help of an I.C.E mentor. Throughout the year, I.C.E. students present new choreography, undertake a period of studio research, develop a written thesis, provide assistance to guest choreographers and have the opportunity to continue their dance training with regular classes. If students want to combine their postgraduate study with an “outside” project deemed equivalent to the requirements of the program, exemptions for attendance may be granted by the faculty.

While in the program, students undertake a period of studio research with ongoing feedback and support from SEAD’s guest choreographers and are encouraged to present their emerging choreographic work through various platforms, including the New Faces New Dances Festival curated by Susan Quinn. Alongside movement workshops, the program features a cluster of dance and performance theory classes, and also enables students to acquire production experience in areas such as lighting and sound design.

Above all, I.C.E. is a period during which young choreographers can, through reflection and articulation, focus on the direction of their work going into the future. As part of a lively dance community at SEAD, I.C.E. students will have unlimited opportunities to exchange ideas and foster their own spirit of experimentation.

In the final session of the postgraduate program, students present an original piece of choreography and write a dissertation as a culmination of their intensive one-year research. Their work is reviewed by a member of SEAD’s guest faculty, the I.C.E mentor and an outside dance professional, followed by an oral examination in which students present their findings to the examining panel.

Upon successful completion of the I.C.E. program, graduates receive a postgraduate certificate from SEAD.

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