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Fotos: Hugo Fidalgo 2023

SEAD Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance is tucked away into the tree lined hillside of Kapuzinerberg Salzburg. SEAD is a ten-minute walk away from the center. You will have access to both a small city environment as well as scenic woodlands and nearby lakes. SEAD will be your home away from home during your intensive workshop weeks.


SEAD will give students a chance to experience SEAD in a one-week workshop that gives the participants a taste of what daily life is like in our academy program. movementors dance intensive workshops offer daily morning classes in somatic practice, contemporary and ballet techniques, followed by an afternoon creative practice taught by SEAD faculty.


Our aim for the movementors workshop series is to provide a format that will be inspiring, supportive, and informative, giving students very practical skills and sound advice so that they can continue on their way in dance, surefooted and clear about what they need to focus on in order to progress as dancers. We also aim to offer an affordable workshop in a small group setting, where you can be in close communication with the teachers with individualized coaching and mentoring. movementors dance intensive is also highly recommended as a preparation for those who want to apply for SEAD’s Auditions 2025. Participants should have intermediate dance skills and adequate physical fitness in order to follow the intense pace of the workshop (7 hours daily physical/performative practice).  Suitable for people 16 years of age or older – please mind that minors must have a written consent from a parent or a legal guardian. 

Dates, Teachers

movementors with BODHI PROJECT  1-5.07.2024 Jaeger Wilkinson, Jeanne Procureur, Luisa Heilbron
summer movementors I 12.-17.8.2024 Fenia Chatzakou, Smaralia Karakosta
summer movementors II 19.-24.8.2024 Fabian Thomé, Mathieu Rouvière, Abhilash Ningappa
summer movementors III 26.-31.8.2024 Abhilash Ningappa, Anton Valdbauer





The early bird rate applies up to 5 weeks before the workshop starts (movementors with BODHI PROJECT: 27.05.2024/summer movementors I: 8.7.2024 /summer movementors II: 15.7.2024 /summer movementors III: 22.7.2024)

Prices include course, shared accommodation and lunch. In case of cancellation by SEAD or due to force majeure all fees paid will be refunded in full.

If you book a minimum of 2 summer movementors workshops you will receive a deduction of -5%.


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Sleeping at SEAD is included in the workshop fee. Alternatively, you could use one of the hostels or hotels in Salzburg, however this will be an additional expense for you to cover. The workshop participants share the dormitory. SEAD provides mattress, pillow, blanket and sheets. 


One hot vegetarian meal will be provided daily, included in the workshop fee. We will also have a closing dinner together by the end of the workshop week. There are lots of markets nearby and many restaurants in town.

Schedule for movementors with BODHI PROJECT

The intensive 5-day workshop week will provide an insight into BODHI PROJECT dance company´s repertory and physical/creative practice. Classes take place Monday to Friday from 9.15am - 5.45pm. Promising an intensive physical training, awakening creativity, any providing guidance with international company members leading through the following arrangement: 

  • 1h SOMATICS class and physical CONDITIONING (4x a week) 
  • 1,5h NEOCLASSICAL training (Monday-Friday) 
  • 1,5 CONTEMPORARY class (Monday-Friday) 

-1h break- 


Feedback and mentoring sessions applied throughout workshop classes with company members. 

Q&A "meet the company" session organized during the workshop week. 

Possibility to use SEAD studios for individual practice in the evenings. 


Schedule for summer movementors

The intensive 6-day workshop week will provide an insight into SEAD’s academy program and daily structure. Classes take place Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm and from 10am-3pm on Saturday. Promising an intensive physical training, awakening creativity, and providing guidance with international guest teachers leading through the following arrangement:

  • 1h YOGA/PILATES class (Monday-Friday)
  • 1,5h BALLET class (Monday-Saturday)
  • 1,5h CONTEMPORARY class (Monday-Saturday)

    -1h break-
  • 3h CREATIVE PRACTICE (Monday-Friday)

    Feedback session with mentors (daily in technique classes and individual talks minimum 2x a week).
    Possibility to use SEAD studios for individual practice in the evenings.