Structure of a session
Classes and workshops with full time teachers and guest teachers 5 days a week; some groups meet for an extra workshop some Saturdays. Workshops extend through all or part of each session.
Guest teachers come for all or part of each 4 - 6 week session.
Projects of all sorts are a part of every session. At any given time, students are engaged in all manner of performances and events; from small self initiated showings to school wide events that engage the whole student body.
Seminars in specific subjects involving invited artists from all aspects of the field to share knowledge for an intensive period of time

contemporary and ballet each day
yoga several times per week
classes in pilates, gyrokinesis, somatic practices and alternative techniques

workshops in choreography, improvisation, theater, movement research, contact improvisation, partnering
dance analysis and history, repertory, music and rhythm, anatomy, philosophy, production - in the form of weekly classes and/or workshops
rehearsals for school sponsored and independent choreographies, sometimes extending into the evening

Structure of a year
6 sessions of 4 - 6 weeks each
a one week break between sessions
a 3 week break at Christmas
a 1-2 week break at Easter

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