SEAD - Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance is a school about work – creative work, technical work and intellectual work. SEAD students are highly challenged to invest themselves into the growth of their personal and artistic maturity. SEAD is a shelter and support system for developing artists and a vital training ground for performers and choreographers.

The curriculum of SEAD rests on the philosophical position that making art engenders knowledge. The premise that learning is by doing, thinking is by making, dictates the structures of SEAD's classes and requirements. The emphasis is on how-to-work daily and in a sustained manner.

With a faculty that rotates throughout the year, SEAD provides students with opportunities to work with renowned and innovative artists from around the world and to engage in a range of classes, workshops and performances.

SEAD offers opportunities for students to choreograph and present their work, to teach in the public adult and children's education program offered by the house, to perform in and outside school, to participate in exchange programs abroad and to create and make life long contacts.

Students are included in every aspect of SEAD's national and international performing and educational activities. As part of a network of leading institutions in contemporary dance, SEAD offers the student opportunities to connect with innovative figures and future developments.

SEAD has a personal yet rigorous environment. Each student should expect to face artistic and intellectual challenges, throughout their years of study.