Foto: Chris Rogl, 2021

Every year SEAD is holding auditions for entrance into the four year undergraduate professional dance program, the FIRE Year  and the postgraduate program I.C.E. – Choreographer´s Year.

The first round auditions take place in numerous different cities around the world. Candidates who pass the first round successfully are invited to the second round audition in Salzburg where the best dancers are chosen to study at SEAD.

Undergraduate dance program - Artist in Process

SEAD searches for candidates with a high level of technical expertise, who have curiosity and intelligence, are modest and brave in their pursuit of performance, choreographic experience and knowledge. Applicants must be 18 years or older. More information on the program can be found here.

Postgraduate dance programs - Artist in Practice

SEAD searches for candidates who can demonstrate a genuine engagement with the form of dance, who are mature and responsible for their own education and will bring an exciting and sincere presence to SEAD.

International Choreographic Exchange I.C.E. is a one-year postgraduate program that offers young choreographers the opportunity to create their own work independently within a supportive artistic environment. At SEAD, I.C.E. choreographers will have the benefit of dancers, rehearsal space, performance opportunities and feedback from a faculty of international dance professionals. The I.C.E. choreographers are rewarded with a certificate.

This is a rich opportunity for choreographers who need one working year to amplify their resume.Time for intensifying choreographic research with the advantage of working with the talented SEAD students on productions that are presented in various venues. More information on the program can be found here.

FIRE - feel, inspire, reflect & engage!
The FIRE program is a chance for those dancers who need to take one year out to study dance intensively, in preparation to either audition once again with a more nourished and developed technique or to approach dance with a more defined goal and focus. The year includes yoga, ballet, theatre classes and different contemporary disciplines as well as working intensively with internationally acclaimed choreographers.
The focus of the school year is to fire up and maximize your potential! More information on the program can be found here

Land Salzburg students’ scholarship for studies in Dance

Land Salzburg awards one scholarship for residents of Salzburg (min. 4 years) for the undergraduate or postgraduate program at SEAD. More information can be found here.

Click here for information on audition and how to apply.

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